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Lipomassage By Endermologie

35 mins of pure bliss focusing on your problem areas like arms. tummy, hips, knees , butt and thighs where regular exercise, healthy diet, weight loss plans just arent getting the results… You’ve done everything to lose those unsightly fat bulges but that stubborn fat just won’t budge. Well now it will, Lipomassage is a non surgical solution for stubborn fat, cellulite and loose, sagging skin. Lipomassage picks up where diet and exercise leave off.

Gunnar Peterson celebrity fitness trainer endorses Lipomassage. When fit, healthy conscious celebrities are challenged by unflattering fat bulges and cellulite but want to keep their sexy curves – famous American fitness coach Gunnar Peterson turns to Lipomassage. The Kardashians are a regular loverthis treatment .

Lipomassage is the finishing touch for ideal aesthetic physique. Lipomassage picks up where diet and exercise leave off. Regular exercise, healthy diet, weight loss plans
A non-invasive treatment ideal for cellulite, excess body fat, fluid retention, oedema, poor circulation, toxicity or for those wanting to promote weight loss or tone, firm, sculpt and contour body shape and improve skin.

Benefits of treatment include:+ 
-Skin toning and firming

– Collagen and elastin stimulation

– Cellular detoxification

– Fluid drainage

– Reduction of scarring

– Body contouring

– Fat breakdown

– Improvement of cellulite

– Increased circulation

– Targeted body fat reduction

– Wellness & general wellbeing

– Lymphatic drainage

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Infrared Detox box (30 mins)

Flushes out toxins through your largest organ- your skin. Increases metabolism, improves circulation, decreases inflammation and burns fat and calories.

– Burns up to 600 calories in 30 mins.
– Improves circulation
– Assists in weight management
– Enhances the immune system
– Relax & distress the mind & body
– Cleanse the body of toxins
– Rejuvenates the skin

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Hypervibe | Vibration Machine

– Relaxes Muscles
– Increases circulation
– Increase flexibility
– Increases metabolism for faster fatloss results
– improves cellulite
– Increase muscle tone and mass; giving better definition, shape and appearance.

10 mins for $10 

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Relaxation massage by Endermologie increases metabolism and works on the lymphatic drainage system while relaxing and destressing your mind and body. You wil leave feeling completely relaxed and nurtured.

35mins of bliss 


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@THEBROWSANCTUARY_  by @taylaperoomal for the brow perfection.

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Safe sunless sexy spray tans

Natural looking long lasting GREEN under tone

Walk in white walk out a #BRONZEDBABE from $35


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