I’ve been training with Tayla at ISPT for 5 months now. It took me years to regain my motivation to train and tayla has been an excellent source of encouragement!
I suffered from sever anxiety and depression which took a toll on me and made me feel insecure- however, with tayla’s support I have managed to build a newfound confidence within myself.
I’m happy with my transformation not only the weight loss but also the strength that I have gained, my increase in lung capacity, energy and overall fitness.
Thanks Tayla and ISPT for your ongoing support, I look forward to achieving more goals as our sessions go on!

“I’ve never really been into fitness but decided to bite the bullet and join ISPT after being unhappy with my body and having no confidence with my appearance for so long. I’ve always felt uncomfortable and intimidated at gyms, but as soon as I walked through the door at ISPT Michelle & Tayla made me feel so welcome and comfortable. They constantly check in with me and make sure I’m on the right track and help with every step of the way. Tayla’s classes are heaps of fun, which never makes it feel like a chore to exercise and she’s always pushing me to my limits.

I’ve never felt better, and I can’t thank Michelle & Tayla enough for helping me reach my goals.”


“When I first joined Tayla and Michelle at Inner Sanctuary PT I had imagined I would see myself in five months time with nothing but a healthier mindset, I remember they first told me that if I was determined I would achieve anything I wanted to with regards to my fitness goals. I never, in my wildest dreams imagined I would come this far. I recently put myself on the scales expecting to not be happy with my results. Michelle and Tayla told me I had lost around 11 kilos. Hearing this, I burst into tears being so proud of myself. For me- it wasn’t about pushing myself in the gym, it was about exploring self love and nourishment which in turn produced results I never intended nor expected. Learning to treat myself and my body with the respect it deserves has ultimately payed off into something I can continue with throughout my journey and I can’t thank Michelle and Tayla for giving me the confidence, drive and ability to push myself in ways I could ever imagine.”

“It was always hard for me to find the motivation to go to the gym and work out, but ever since I’ve started going to ISPT my motivation for working out came back. My favourite class at ISPT is boxing with Tayla, I always feel like a bad ass chick that can take on anything after every boxing classes! Tayla would always push me to my limit and never gave up on me!! I have never felt so confident in myself and I can say that I am a more happier person now than 7months ago.

Being at ISPT for just 7months, I’ve learnt to embrace all the small things in life and that hard works do pay off and anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”


“I first started at ISPT in May 2015. I had been following Tayla and ISPT on Instagram for a while, but the thought of travelling from Thornbury to Williamstown to go to the gym was a bit daunting, until one day I just decided to give it a shot! The second I walked into the studio I was greeted with such warmth and felt incredibly comfortable which Ive never felt before in any other gym, so of course I instantly signed up! Michelle gave me such a different perspective on nutrition instead of seeing it as a “diet” it was just a matter of making slight changes, making it a lot easier to stick to.

\I do 2 group sessions and a 1:1 every week with Tayla, she always makes the sessions heaps of fun and not seem like a chore to exercise. Pushing you to your limits, but always making alternatives to suit your needs and fitness level. I honestly can’t see myself ever leaving ISPT, the confidence I’ve gained since meeting Michelle and Tayla and just how much my overall mental and physical health has improved, I’ll be forever grateful.

I still have a long way to go, but with the help of these lovely ladies I’ll get there in no time!”