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A very effective and fun calorie burner that incorporates the correct technique of boxing for fitness. To achieve a level of fitness quickly and to drop body fat, shaping and toning the arms, butt and legs & all over body conditioning. A good stress release to unwind after a busy day. 
All levels of fitness.


Workouts specifically designed for the female body to increase fitness, strength, build muscle and improve metobolism to increase the fat burning process fast.  While toning, sculpting and  shaping your arms, booty, thighs and tummy. Includes cardio: ropes, sled, medicine balls, body weight , dumbbells/kettlebells weights and resistance training. All levels of fitness.


For the morning glory women who like to start the day right.To increase fitness, build strength, challenges the  mind & body held in a safe comfortable space. always a different theme of exercises each week to avoid boredom and muscles stagnating. All levels of fitness.



Private session tailored specifically to your goals and requirements – wieght loss, strength, emotional & physcial fitness, increase cardiovascular fitness, rehabilitation of an injury, pregnancy, mums & bubs, to focus on sculpting & toning arms, butt, thighs and tummy.

Ideal if you are just starting an exercise regime or returning back into one.

Train with a buddy, bestie or family member.

* Ideal to getting you confident  for our 45 min group fitness classes. 

mums & bubs:

A 45 min class for mums & bubs to exercise in a comfortable safe space to feel stronger, fitter, more flexible and self confident in your incredible body. It involves stretching, weights, cardio and we will ease you back into exercise at your own pace every week feeling even more fabulous than you already

Have the opportunity to chat and exercise with other mummies allowing you to have some normality back into your lifestyle.

BOOK on our MINDBODY APP (click here) $19 per 45 min class.