TONE & shape with Inner Sanctuary PT



A very effective and fun calorie burner that incorporates the correct technique of boxing for fitness. To achieve a level of fitness quickly and to drop body fat shaping and toning. All levels of fitness.


A workout which provides improved cardivascular condition, improved  metabolism, increases muscle and increases fat burning.To tone, sculpt and shape your ideal body. Including cardio, weights and resistance training. All levels of fitness.


For the morning glory women who like to start the day right.To increase fitness, build strength, challenges mind & body held in a safe comfortable environment.  All levels of fitness.

1 On 1 PT


Private session tailored specifically to your goals and requirements – fat loss, mental wellbeing, fitness, rehabilitation of an injury, pregnancy, beginners, sculpting & toning.


1 hour classes to increase flexibility and strengthen core and the body to help to release stress and to promote better sleep. To assist you to unwind, de-stress and feel strong mentally and physically. 15mins is dedicated to a simple mediation to switch off and quieten the mind.